Virtual server cloud hosting

Why Virtualmaster

  • on-demand instances up in minutes
  • full root access
  • API and command-line tools
  • web based virtual console
  • pricing per hour of operation
  • pay-as-you-go, no contracts
  • change configuration any time
  • save to images and re-deploy
  • professional support


You select any memory size you want from 256 MB to 7.5 GB and are allowed to change it any time. Memory size is guaranteed and dedicated exclusively to your server. Virtualmaster's Hypervisor strictly isolates individual servers from one another, therefore you needn't worry about security or having to share memory with another server. Switching memory size does not require a re-start with most systems.

Hdd ssd


All virtual servers are equipped with block devices in RAID 1 + 0 storage or with RAID5 SSD storage. You can choose any storage size between 5 GB and 500 GB and change it anytime. Changing strorage size always requires a re-start.



Processor performance output is optional. For High-CPU instances there are 4 cores available. For Low-CPU instances there is a single core. Minimum guaranteed processor performance (CPU aggregation) is determined by the size selected. The greater the RAM size you choose, the more processor time your instance receives.



Each virtual server is connected via a 100mbit link shared within a single physical node cluster. Connectivity aggregation is determined by memory size, same as with the processor.

Back up


Virtual servers are optionally backed-up into another node. Back-ups are created incrementally, back-up copies are always available for at least 7 days retrospectively. Back-ups are accessible using SCP.



  • Cisco high density servers
  • Juniper and Cisco routers and switches
  • Kingston RAM
  • Intel CPU
  • Samsung SSD


Main part of the infrastructure is located in a data center in Prague, precisely the Master Internet data center. Support infrastructure is provided by Sitel Data Centre facilities in Prague, as well as in Amsterdam, Netherlands