Cloud server

As many virtual servers as you wish

Imagine an inflatable server, where you can change disk and memory size according to your needs, anytime you want. Whenever you desire, there is a ready booted linux system at your immediate disposal.

Why Virtualmaster?

Instant server

on-demand instances up in minutes

Hour billing

pricing per hour of operation


change configuration any time


API and command-line tools

Free testing

free testing

virtual servers

  • On-demand virtual servers
  • Free of charge trial and testing
  • No Credit Card required

Get started with Virtualmaster today. Launch a new server and experience how our reliable & gimmicks free infrastructure is going to help your business in matter of minutes.

Virtual Servers are scaled by the physical memory reserved to them, allowing you to dynamically control the resource consolidation. Don’t want to share? Use Dedicated Virtual Servers.

more about our servers

open API

  • Open RESTful API
  • Simple to use command line tools
  • No vendor lockin

Bring your application to VirtualMaster and keep the control over the servers the way you like it. Using web interface, command line or API. We won’t get in your way.

Our set of tools makes it easy to take care of the infrastructure. Want more? Integrate VirtualMaster directly into your workflow using the open and standards based API. No lock-in.

Server configuration



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